Suncoast Tiger Bay Club

"Carving up" a politician for lunch since 1978!

40th Anniversary Event

Celebrate 40 Years with Suncoast Tiger Bay!

Featured Speaker: Mitch Landrieu

Thursday October 11th, 6-9pm

USFSP Student Center

Mitch Landrieu, Former Mayor of New Orleans

The Suncoast Tiger Bay Club invites you to join us for an evening of celebration as we mark 40 years in St. Petersburg. We look forward to a special evening of remembering the past and charting a course for the future.

The featured speaker will be Mitch Landrieu, former Mayor of New Orleans, and author of New York Times best seller In the Shadow of Statues: A White Southerner Confronts History.

In his speech, Making Straight What Has Been Crooked: How Do We Tell Our History? Whose Voices Are Heard? What Role Does Politics Play? Landrieu will address these questions and many others. He takes on the mythologies that propel the alt-right movement and talks honestly about America’s original sin.

In May 2017, as New Orleans’ Confederate monuments came down on his orders—a powerful and courageous decision that earned him the prestigious John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award—Landrieu stepped forward to tell the people of his city why this decision had been made and delivered what has been called by many, “The Speech.”  

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